A cartographer is unique in that he or she is spellbound at the thought of defining with ink and paper the shape of the actual earth on which we live. Hours spent meticulously drawing lines in an attempt at translating the breadth of a prairie. Intricate spidering veins penned to form rivers that cut through canyons, and mountains arise like a narrowing aperture from a flat surface pushed forward to all who stop to look. 
It is this same obsession with absorbing the world in which we live that in turn has brought Marc Bailey into songwriting and performing. A constant observer of life as it inhales and exhales around him. Keen to the slightest gestures of affection caught in the glance between two friends, aware and appreciative of the dust which settles on the first few rows of corn on a north facing slope. 

Marc carries with him a vault of memories and experiences that can only be told through his songs. Whether picking lightly on his strings, or trudging in a rhythmic charge down the neck of his guitar, Marc’s voice only gives more encouragement to the raw melodies his hands so effortlessly play. 

To be in the company of Marc as he plays is much like the relaxing ease of a cool fall evening. As cicadas drone the sun down and the stars begin to set a map against the sky, there is comfort and appreciation for the world around us. Marc’s singing and songwriting have a way of connecting the listener to a time and a place distinctly familiar, yet distinctly unique to all. To be his audience is to participate in creating for him a map of his world, and the soundtrack to his life as he moves through it.