Join us for a fun-filled Cribbage Tournament at Reclaimed Rails on Sunday, January 29th!

Check-In begins at 1:00pm!

$1.00 Registration Fee

1. You MUST bring cards and boards. These items will NOT be furnished.
2. Boards all face same direction during play.
3. Cut for deal at the start of each game. Low card wins. Cards will be cut before each deal.
4. If your opponent misses points in counting, you cannot take their points. After a hand is counted and the peg set, you cannot take points missed; but, if you take too many, you must move back.
5. If a Jack is cut and the Dealer needs only two points to go out, the Dealer wins the game.
6. Eight games will be played. One side of the table moves four times to the right. Then, the opposite side move four times to its right.
7. Any mistakes in writing down scores or misunderstandings in hand counting must be checked by the judges for a final decision.
8. Registration money will be pro-rated back in prizes.
9. No helping another player count points unless you are personally playing that game.
10. Two points for a win; three points for a win with a skunk; zero points for a loss.
11. Tournament winner is determined: Most Total Points, if tie then Games won, if tie then number of Skunks, if tie then Scoring (+ -) differential.