Ride starts at 11:30 am at Firetrucker
Firetrucker to Reclaimed Rails - 15 miles via Ankeny connector and Chichaqua Valley Trail
Reclaimed Rails to Madhouse Brewery - 15 miles via 80th St to Gay Lea Wilson Trail to Scott Street MLK
Madhouse Brewery to Exile Brewing - 2 miles via MLK bike path
Exile Brewing to Confluence Brewing - 2.2 miles via Meredith Trail around Grays Lake
Confluence Brewing to Fox Brewing - 6.7 miles via Waterworks park Bill Riley trail, Walnut Creek trail to Des Moines Trail
Fox Brewing to 515 Brewing - 4.6 miles via Des Moines Trail to Clive Green Belt Trail
515 Brewing to Firetrucker Brewing - 19.5 miles - Clive Greenbelt to Waveland trail - Franklin and Beaver St to Interurban Trail & Neil Smith Trail

For total of 65 miles of riding and 7 Breweries.