Des Moines Craft Beer week (June 16-25th) is an annual event, which was formed to promote the education and celebration of Iowa Craft Beer! Many breweries will promote this week by brewing the same style of beer and release it during this week. This year's beer style is a SMASH beer, which is a single hop, single malt brew. This will allow our patrons the opportunity to taste the characteristics of just a few ingredients. We wanted to extend this offer to the great members of our community, that help support us everyday!

If you are interested in learning about the brewing process while also putting your personal touch on this brew, please fill out the form below to be entered into the drawing.

10 people will be chosen at random. Five chamber members and five Bondurant residents will make up the 10 total participants.  

Please ensure you are able to attend the brew day on Friday June 2nd from 9-1PM before filling out the form below!

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