Think you can pick the winning line-up of countries?!

Once every four years we get to see athletes fly down snow-covered hills, curl stones with elegant precision, and sprint around a track on two tiny blades all while we sit anxiously watching on the edge of our seat.
We have decided to take this excitement to the next level by creating our own friendly competition amongst our Rail Ridin' patrons!

Now is your time to shine by picking a roster of countries you feel has the best chance to win medals, but there's a twist! You are given 325 credits to build the ultimate roster, but choose wisely, as each country is worth a different amount, all based on their likelihood to win medals!
There is no cost to enter this pool!

The top three best scores at the end of the Olympics will each receive prizes!



Don't watch these exciting sports by yourself! Bring the friends and family to the Rails and receive $2 off pints while the Olympics are on our 10 ft screen and 65" tv!
The Opening ceremony will be on Friday Feb 9th @ 7PM on our 10 ft screen and will be the start of the discounts!
You will also receive a free pint if one of your countries in your roster wins a medal while you are watching at The Rails!
(NBC and NBCSN will be used to televise the Olympics DAILY in the taproom! Check here for the upcoming schedule of events!) (These discounts are valid for pool entrants only!)